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Glugen Frau is out now!!! You can buy on bandcamp or stream on any streaming services you like!!!! 



The Glugen Frau Manifesto

Absurd is REAL only, because logic is the death of ambiguity and ambiguity is GOD
Don't do anything, because you WILL be wrong
Do everything WRONG
MEAN what you say but know it is FALSE
Try, only because your other option is to not try 
Write your death on your forehead and you will never get old
Give advice on things you don't own because your own possessions tell you nothing
Live only near smiling but only LIVE after you have figured out how to BE
Only contradiction is TRUE and rational thought is EVIL
Currency is only useful for LIVING and not BEING
Both STRIVING and THRIVING are pointless because you grew up a potted plant and you will die in soil

Away with categories
Away with words
Yes to contradictions and contraindications
To be okay with nothing
To not believing in anything for too long 
So nothing starts becoming you or you it
To wear a new shell every time you emerge from the ocean
There’s nothing to it
We’re all gonna lose it
There’s nothing to it
Bla bla blabla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

Did the Woolly Mammoth die, or did you? You are so young.

Glimmering Woman

Glugen Frau

Glugen Frau is a dream. Glimmering woman. A dream. A mammoth.
August 16

Sound is Place

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Toronto, Canada

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